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Welcome Kuku Mesfin, Managing Director of Global Imprint

Joining us from London, Kuku Mesfin brings over 10 years of impactful experience through global project development. As Managing Director, we’re thrilled to have her leading our team in fostering greater corporate sustainability.

Kuku Mesfin, Managing Director of Global Imprint

Kuku Mesfin is a native of Ethiopia and joins Global Imprint from having lived in London for much of her professional life. Throughout her career, Kuku has a proven track record for strategic and organizational leadership. In her most recent role, Kuku oversaw an international staff and the expansion of East African operations for the Center of Creative Leadership (CCL).

Her leadership resulted in CCL seeing a 20% annual growth rate year over year. Her leadership, technical acumen, and strategic planning ensured her success despite an incredibly challenging commercial and political environment. Kuku contributes much of her success to defining a clear mission relevant to the market, developing efficient operations, and building trusted relationships.

Prior to her role with CCL, Kuku worked at several other organizations, including the UN in addressing large scale humanitarian issues, gender equality, international girl’s education, and global reporting on technical program implementation and monitoring. In this work, Kuku has had the opportunity to work with many international government bodies, private stakeholders, foundations, and non-governmental agencies. Throughout these roles, Kuku has been called upon to lead efficient operations and provide high-quality services to key stakeholders at multiple levels.

Kuku brings significant international market experience, high-level organizational skills, technical reporting, and adept financial management skills to enhance and grow Global Imprint’s value to its customers and market.

Kuku holds multiple higher education degrees as well as certification from the United Nations in Human Rights Law. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Public Health.

Kuku is driven to work with companies who are inspired to make a positive impact in the world through sustainability, equality, and responsible operating practices. These values directly align with those of our company and the ever-expanding landscape of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.

Global Imprint is proud to welcome Kuku to our team and we look forward to seeing her leadership have a continued positive impact on the world.

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