Making sustainability a differentiator


United States: Consumer packaged goods

The client’s challenge

A high-growth, celebrity backed startup public wanted to upend the single-use plastic beverage industry by building a brand around sustainability. The company launched in late 2019 but mid-pandemic the company realized it needed to reframe its go-to-market strategy.

Our approach

Global Imprint worked with the client to design a go-to-market strategy that was built around sustainability. Instead of approaching sustainability as a “nice to have” we worked with the company to bring sustainability to the forefront of messaging and brand, helping it stand out in a very crowded field.

With this differentiator gaining traction among retail buyers, Global Imprint was able to shift to building ESG infrastructure to support rapid growth and bolster future exit opportunities. Global Imprint designed and implemented a Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon neutral program that reached deep into the supply chain to offset emissions with high value carbon avoidance and sequestration assets.

In addition to carbon neutrality, Global Imprint pioneered an innovative plastic offset program that engaged both retailers and consumers in the removal of ocean-going plastic waste.

The benefits to the client

The combination of brand realignment with robust ESG infrastructure gave the client access to an entirely new audience in the retail space. In the space of just 1 year, the fast-paced startup increased their valuation nearly 20x and are projected to be a dominant brand in coming years.