Co-creating ESG strategy


Silicon Valley: Biotech

The client’s challenge

A publicly traded medical device company seeking a comprehensive understanding of ESG and what is material for the company. The client wanted an ESG roadmap as an implementation guide, ongoing support to execute the ESG strategy, and an annual impact report documenting the company’s sustainability journey.

Our approach

Global Imprint began by co-creating a comprehensive ESG strategy, working across multiple departments across the company. This strategy served as an anchor for us to provide ongoing technical support and project management. With ongoing management of the ESG program, Global Imprint communicated ESG trends and regulatory developments, defined frameworks most relevant to the client, and determined most relevant metrics to measure and report.

On a monthly (or sometimes weekly) basis Global imprint closely monitored the company’s peer activity. In this highly competitive space it was important for the client to know where they stood compared to their peers. Global Imprint closely reviewed ESG messaging and communications from multiple peers and worked to determine which key ESG metrics peers measured and disclosed.

The benefits to the client

In alignment with the ESG strategy that includes methodologies of reviewing, monitoring and improving impact, the company continues to accelerate biological understanding and discovery, creating an inclusive ecosystem for employees, customers and sustainable facilities, product, and supply chain.