Building an ESG real estate fund


United States: Private equity

The client’s challenge

A private equity firm wanted their next real estate fund to be ESG specific, both in its focus and financing. The PE firm had plenty of experience in building other real estate funds, but lacked ESG expertise when talking to potential limited partners. These LPs included pension funds and university endowments, both with significant pressure to ensure their investments met newly established ESG criteria.

Our approach

Global Imprint began by working with the client on how ESG could be brought in from the sidelines and be made the core of the fund’s value proposition. As ESG was brought to the forefront we also worked on clear messaging that was specific and actionable for the fund. Global Imprint acted as the ESG lead, providing technical oversight and strategic ESG leadership for building the fund.

The benefits to the client

By sitting on calls with pension funds and endowments concerned with environmental impact, Global Imprint established confidence in the firm’s ability to navigate the complex regulatory environment in states like California.