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Global Non-profit


Creating an impactful giving strategy

The client’s challenge

A new family foundation, built on the success of an innovative tech entrepreneur, needed support building a strategy for impactful philanthropy. The organization’s goal was to leverage new technology in underserved communities without access to clean water.

Our approach

Global Imprint first worked with the founders to draft a purpose statement to distill down “the why” of the organization. With that “why” firmly defined, Global Imprint began to work on “how” the organization would leverage new technology and what the ideal outcomes would be. Working backwards from the desired reach the organization wanted to see, we were able to identify communities to co-create high-impact clean water initiatives.

The benefits to the client

Focusing on purpose instead of activity, the organization was able to stay focussed on the impact of their giving and not just the amount of the giving. The foundation was empowered to continue their mission with a clear focus and not become distracted by miscommunication or alignment of mission in the future.

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