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Outdoor Industry


Purpose aligning CSR strategy

The client’s challenge

A leading outdoor product manufacturer set a target for a CSR strategy that resonated with two sets of consumers with very different ideological views. In fact, the product was consumed by two diametrically opposed audiences. Finding common ground for customer satisfaction was imperative. Marketing strategies and core purpose needed sensitivity in order not to alienate either of the groups.

Our approach

We believe that the outdoors industry is built for inclusivity. We also believe that the Environmental (E) and the Social (S) are closely linked in ESG with opportunities to develop complementary environmental and social policies. With this mindset, Global Imprint worked with the client to identify non-profits supporting and advocating for outdoor conservation that benefited people and communities.

By activating dedicated research, sourcing expert consulting industry experts while also conducting personal consumer market research, the Global Imprint identified a strategy to leverage corporate giving for the most measurable impact. Global Imprint translated that impact into messaging that resonated with both audiences and helped support the company’s purpose and vision for their product’s role in the outdoor industry.

The benefits to the client

The client now had a workable CSR strategy with demonstrable impact. The company also had a marketing strategy that elevated the CSR work it was doing and enabled customers to become advocates for land conservation.

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